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If you'd like to add warmth,
character and lasting value
to your home, why not let
the talented staff at Fireplaces
Unlimited, show you just how easy
it can be, by installing a beautiful
fireplace in any room of your house.

Fireplaces Unlimited has a
wide variety of the most beautiful
wood burning, pellet, gas, and electric
fireplaces on the market, complimented
by an endless range of exquisite mantels,
cabinets and accessories.

Formerly LCM Fireplaces in Kingston & Brockville.
We provide the same excellent customer
service we have been for almost 30 years.
We are fireplace specialists designing
the entire package. We do custom work,
like custom cabinetry and drywalling,
to make sure that your fireplace is a
perfect match with the decor in your home.

A fireplace is designed to be the focal
point of any room it occupies, it doesn't
have to be limited to just the living room
anymore. Electric fireplaces provide extra
flexibility and many customers are now
choosing to have them installed in their
bedrooms or any other room they wish.

In addition, an electric fireplace adds
ambience to apartment or retirement living,
where a traditional wood fireplace is not an
option. To see Fireplaces Unlimited's impressive
products first hand, stop by the HALL OF FLAME.

Fireplaces Unlimited Inc. - 690 Dalton Ave., Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7M 8N8
Tel. (613) 549-8300 - Fax. (613) 549-0060 -
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